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App based on smart algorithms stocks your fridge

A new app has Italian shoppers using the cloud to help keep their refrigerators and pantries stocked. The app is called Rosie, and it learns users’ purchase routines to deliver items when they run out. After entering details about their household, such as number of residents, their age and regular buying habits, shoppers can then […]

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Innovative office chair design eases “sitting disease”

We all do a lot of sitting. In our daily work routine it seems there is barely enough time to move from office chair to airplane seat to the conference room before fatigue and poor health begin to take a toll on our bodies.  It’s becoming a dangerous epidemic and an occupational hazard for those […]

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The Skin Cell gun

Science has found a new way to help people suffering from bad burns heal faster than we could ever imagine. This new technology is much like a paint spray gun that helps skin heal. Click on the video and check out this astounding innovation that I think will change the face of how our medical […]

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