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Eco-friendly bioplastics inspire innovation

I am very excited about the new developments in bioplastics research! Within the past few years there have been numerous new-to-market plastic products that either decompose in the landfill or make the recycling process cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly. One company from France has launched a plastic “coffee pod” (like the kind used in […]

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Yez, please! First car with negative footprint is a dream for China

Imagine a car that has a negative carbon footprint.  In China, a new concept car called the  2030 Yez is the first automobile that promises to remove more pollution from the air than it creates. It’s an electric car that also combines several other technologies. The photo looks like something out of this world, doesn’t […]

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Green Innovation: Do You Have a G-Rated Business™? A White Paper from Innovationedge

Innovationedge is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper on sustainability and green strategy. The paper, “Green Innovation: Do You Have a G-Rated Business™?” is available in PDF form. It includes a brief excerpt from Conquering Innovation Fatigue, our recent book published by John Wiley & Sons. Here are the opening paragraphs: […]

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