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Ford’s new Keyless Entry logs you in and out of social media

Imagine what would happen if your mere presence near your computer automatically triggered logging in to your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts? Check out this new app that works with your mobile phone to fire up your computer’s social accounts whenever you are near. While the app is for desktop or laptop use, it was […]

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Numbers offer more opportunities than realized

I’ve talked before about the growing science of analytics, where companies are using data to make better decisions faster, throughout their organizations. Analytics is going beyond traditional sources into the realm of text. Analytics naturally came about as a result of today’s prolific generation of electronic data. The amount of numerical information created every day […]

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Google TV and the network big three

This week we’re hearing more on the strife between Google and television’s major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC and Google. The Big 3 are blocking some of their most-watched and beloved shows from being watched on Google’s new Web-TV service, Google TV. Google TV was launched in May, and allows us to search for and […]

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