About Cheryl Perkins

Founder and President
Cheryl Perkins, president of Innovationedge, founded the company in January 2007. As a global thought leader in innovation, Perkins brings more than 25 years of expertise in leading companies to identify and transform insights, designs, technologies and capabilities into total solutions and new-to-the-world innovations.

Additionally, the Innovationedge model gives inventors an edge by crafting winning business plans and aligning strategic corporate partnerships for commercialization. As head of Innovationedge, Perkins is influencing the minds of senior executives, entrepreneurs, and inventors worldwide. Located between Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wis. in the town of Neenah, Innovationedge proves that big ideas can come from small offices. Her work helped drive growth through such innovative solutions as Kleenex Anti-Viral tissue, Huggies toiletries, Scott Extra Soft bathroom tissue and AviaFit mobility device.

Keynote Speaker

In addition to organizing innovation seminars and roundtable discussions, Perkins is a passionate keynote speaker who has inspired audiences all over the world sharing her insights with C-level executives and innovation leaders about discovering design tools to deliver innovation solutions for sustainable growth.


  • Recently awarded the “Excellence in Innovation” Award by the Asia Pacific Congress in Mumbai, India.
  • Named a “Top 25 Champions of Innovation” by BusinessWeek
  • Recognized as a “top executive driving vision” within the consumer goods industry by Consumer Goods Technology (Visionaries 2006).
  • Recognized by Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for sustainability strategies developed by Cheryl Perkins
  • Georgia Institute of Technology “Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni,” 2000


Few consultants are able to do what Cheryl does: Identify and transform insights, designs, technologies and capabilities into total solutions and new-to-the-world innovations. Cheryl Perkins is a respected thought leader that has helped transform insights into successful, innovative solutions for over 20 years.

Prior to founding Innovationedge, Perkins served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for Kimberly-Clark and currently has eight U.S. Patents and several more pending.

Perkins currently serves on numerous national boards including the board of the Product Development Management Association (PDMA) and the Consumer Goods Research Advisory Board. She is also on the board of directors of the Governor’s Wisconsin Technology Council, the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and the Georgia Institute of Technology External Advisory Board.

















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