Conquering Innovation Fatigue


Conquering Innovation Fatigue is for inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers and leaders seeking success through innovation. It reveals the sometimes hidden barriers–nine major “innovation fatigue factors”–that can block the path to innovation success, and shows how to face then.

Conquering Innovation Fatigue takes a unique personal look at the challenges innovators face in their journey, invoking the metaphor of immigrants in a strange land facing barriers at multiple levels. By drawing upon case studies of success and advances in innovation theory and practice – some presented here for the first time – the authors show how innovation can be energized to conquer innovation fatigue.

“The book provides insights to help you strengthen your business and innovation strategies, ensure that you have the right intellectual assets to own the space where you want to compete, and build the right culture to allow the company and its individuals to be successful on their innovation journey.”
– Cheryl Perkins
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