Digital memorials leave a legacy

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The cemetery has long been a place to remember loved ones. But did you know that headstones have gone digital?

We know there is only so much space on a traditional headstone  in which we can let the world know what our family member’s life

meant to us or the impact he or she made. But thanks to a new innovation and QR codes, visitors can link  cemetery memorials to a web site that can be shared by loved ones around the world.  QR (quick response) codes act as that link from a smart phone or tablet to an online memorial, where friends and family can leave a legacy for anyone to enjoy.

Just last week a Pennsylvania couple  launched Digital Legacys, a business that uses QR codes to link headstones to websites commemorating the departed.

Check out this video and imagine the possibilities:


The QR code is contained in a tiny 2-inch brass or silver square, which a visitor would then scan that QR code using a smartphone, sending that user to a website honoring the deceased with photographs, videos, music and other multimedia components. Family members and friends can also continue to update the web page with additional photos and sentiments.


Users can expect to pay $99 for a one-year QR code and accompanying website.



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